To Order A Cumulative Index

CWCR's 25-year Cumulative Index 1973-1997 (which includes a table of rules and a table of cases) is an information-packed reference work that consolidates all annual indexes issued during the Reporterís first 25 years, all in a 256-page soft-cover volume. It has three major parts:

THE SUBJECT INDEX extensively documents subjects and issues relevant to California workers' compensation law and cases found in CWCR. With several levels of helpful subentries and diligent cross-referencing, it helps the reader to locate key issues, however elusive or obscure.

THE TABLE OF RULES shows where WCAB and AD (Administrative Director) Rules have been cited and discussed in the Reporter. The table also references the Rehabilitation Bureau Administrative Guidelines Manual and the WCAB Policy and Procedure Manual.

THE TABLE OF CASES lists all the cases discussed in CWCR issues from 1973Ė1997 by official name and, if different, applicantís name. Each entry provides citations to CWCR's reports and to California Compensation Cases and the official reports. The user can follow the progress of cases from WCAB decision through Supreme Court disposition (if any).

The Cumulative Index 1973-1997 is priced at $300 (includes sales tax and shipping).

CWCR's 7-year Cumulative Index 1998-2004 consolidates all annual indexes issued during the Reporterís next seven years, in a 112-page soft-cover volume. It picks up where the 25-year index left off, adding to the index and tables described above, a cumulative table of state and federal statutes and regulations.

The Cumulative Index 1998-2004 is priced at $215 (includes sales tax and shipping).

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