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Since 1973, California workers’ compensation professionals have received monthly printed CWCR issues containing clear, concise summaries and analyses of cases and other key developments, written by recognized experts. CWCR's founder and original editor and publisher Melvin S. Witt set standards that have led the Reporter's case reports to be cited by the California Supreme Court, Courts of Appeal, and the WCAB. Courts have declared that CWCR's reports of Board panel decisions are "properly citeable authority."

This original website continues to give Reporter subscribers and others useful features that are not conveniently included in the monthly printed issues.

Also available in print from the Reporter are two Cumulative Indexes: the 25-Year Index covering the years 1973-1997, and the 7-Year Index covering 1998-2004.

Now On This Site:

  • Year-by-year alphabetical lists of all cases the Reporter reported from 2005, updated monthly, showing applicants’ names, official and unofficial citations, and history of CWCR coverage.
  • Year-by-year tables showing all statutes, rules, regulations, session laws, legislative bills, schedules, guides, treatises, and texts cited in CWCR from 2005, updated monthly.

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  • Background on CWCR’s uniquely-qualified writers and editors. CWCR Staff.
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